Wir denken mit dem Taschenrechner des Anlegers!

Partnerschaften schaffen Synergien und Expertisen

Unsere Kontakte sind Ihr Erfolg

Als mandatiertes Unternehmen fühlen wir uns für Ihren Erfolg verantwortlich.

Immobilienkäufer sind Anleger mit einer besonderen Affinität zum selbstbestimmten Erfolg

We work directly and discretely on the market

Many businesses involved in marketing and distribution of real estate property make use of public platforms in order to position their portfolio and thus make them available to a wide ranging public.

Oftentimes this approach is to be deemed undesirable, since the publicized information pertaining to an impending sale could harm the property and/or the company.

Our active contacts in the sphere of interest parties of all types allow us to present, were appropriate, the portfolios of institutional investors or of those outside of the public platforms, as desired by the sellers or the investors.

In this way. neither tenants or neighbors nor competitors are informed about your intentioned plans.

Through our direct approach, we usually have a short-term response to our offer, without waiting to be randomly found in platforms.

All execution steps are carried out and completed in close coordination with you and in detailed consultation.

Through our active network with potential interested parties of all kinds, we can place portfolios of private and institutional investors outside the public platforms, where appropriate, to present directly at the request of the seller’s and investors.

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