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Opportunities and Risks

Any investment includes not only the chance to gain or increase in assets and risks.

The purchase decision should be made after weighing the pros and cons of plant form in general, and after careful examination of this range in particular. The distinction made here summary of the opportunities and risks into account only the most important factors from the point of view of the prospectus publisher.

The listed points in the series collected in their summarization do not purport completeness. This offer was presented and prepared with diligence. However, there is no guarantee for the admission of economic, tax or other objectives that are in connection with the offering.

From the perspective of individual buyers, opportunities and risks may arise, which are thus not recorded due to the prospectus publisher by his personal situation.

As with any real estate investment is also the possibility that unforeseen developments may negatively affect how the expected result is positive.

Property must have the care and conservation. Impairment is directly dependent on the quality of the establishment and ongoing support. There is no guarantee that valid at the time of publication of this Prospectus tax laws or administrative orders, administrative and judicial practice applies in the current form.

In the future, different interpretations z. Example by tax authorities cannot be excluded.

No liability can be accepted for the occurrence of tax benefits. The sales proceed depends on the particular circumstances of the market.

A sale may result in capital gains or, especially for short-term sale, lead to material loss.

Buying a property should always be seen from both economic and tax reasons as long-term investments.

Ecorenta does not check whether the investment decision of the purchaser makes economic sense in the context of its individual circumstances. The investment decision is solely made by the purchaser.

The Condominium Act requires the formation of a maintenance reserve, to be prepared for any major repairs. It is later possible that the cost of repairs is higher than the maintenance reserve. The excess cost of that to the individual owners. This may result in additional expenses, the amount of which no details are now naturally still possible.

Although in the past apartment blocks have experienced regular growth in value, which is sometimes considerably above the general inflation rates, the real estate market is subject to constant, sometimes surprising variations, which can also be strongly influenced, among other things, by economic cycles. It is therefore also possible that the owner may suffer a loss on the sale of the apartment.

In principle, any real estate investment involves the risk that in the event of non-rental, at expiry of lease or insolvency of tenants required lease renewals not immediately and / or can only be done on less favorable terms, if no rental guarantee or a contractual warrant should be present.

Often a re-letting also requires additional investment by the landlord. In any case, it should be noted that the non-recoverable costs and the maintenance reserve may rise and thus affect the result and return the economy.

However, there are also significant opportunities for real estate investments as with almost any other form of capital investment.

  • Ø General appreciation
  • Ø Inflation protection
  • Ø Leveraging of core values
  • Ø Wealth growth in the long-term rate of return
  • Ø Property as the third pillar of the so-called retirement
  • Ø Rental business
  • Ø Statutory basis for rent increases
  • Ø Tax deductibility of losses
  • Ø Resale opportunity
  • Ø Self-use

With the shown quality characteristics of these objects you are on the safe side. With excellent locations such as Berlin, excellent build quality and a very good rental potential by our judgment the chances of a real estate investment far exceed the risks.

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