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A liability for the occurrence of costs, assets and tax forecasts and feasibility studies will not be accepted.

Decisive is only this prospectus. The prospectus Publisher does not provide legal or tax advice. A liability is excluded. The prospectus publisher shall not be liable for the scale representation of the plans yet for the consistency of the views shown.

Effective and valid are only written information or details from the seller and all information and agreements in the notarial deed.

A brokerage company merely passes on information (leaflets, possibly written information). Therefore, a liability of intermediaries and intermediaries and investment advisors employed by them towards her, as far as is legally permitted, and for a possible omission of information excluded.

The liability of all (including future) contractor for any incorrect or incomplete information and brochures and documentation for the violation of any existing education and notification obligations to them is limited to intent and gross negligence against.

Based on the foregoing liability caveats you receive this prospectus. You agree with your mandate that you have taken note and agree with it.

If you would like more information and documentation, please contact directly to the listing editor or contact your sales representative or investment brokers.

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